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      We have successfully developed the aluminum alloy cable, and has been put into operation in the second half of 2012, the next two years sales volume is expected to reach 500 million yuan!" In March 3rd, the Kaiser Pallister Group Ltd chairman Shen Yinfu told reporters in the product investment conference.

      Copper due to its excellent electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, as well leading cable market". Cable industry accounted for more than 60% of the amount of copper in China with the amount of copper.

      But the current situation, China copper copper resources lack of high prices and soaring risk of collapse to market calls for new alternative products. In recent years, aluminum cable, copper clad aluminum, copper clad steel products has emerged, but due to the performance and recovery of their application is limited, can not shake the status of copper core cable. The cable manufacturing enterprises, which are suffering from overcapacity and intense competition, are eager to find a new material with high technology content and excellent performance, which can replace the copper core cable with high price.

      Aluminum Alloy conductor material innovation performance is equivalent or better than copper cable

      Nearly two years gradually in the domestic rise of aluminum alloy cable is expected to change the status quo. According to the director of the national quality supervision and test center of wire and cable conductor Wu Changshun introduction, Aluminum Alloy by alloy iron, silicon, magnesium and rare earth trace elements increase in aluminum and formed after treatment, greatly improved aluminum bending, corrosion resistance, mechanical processing, heat resistance, mechanical strength and other properties, so as to avoid instability and mechanical properties of low connecting problem of pure aluminum conductor cable. Compared with the copper cable, the safety of traffic safety, and the conductivity and resistivity of conductor, especially the section flow is completely equal or even better than traditional copper cable, make up the hard aluminum conductor as many deficiencies, to solve the major technical problems in the safety performance, electrical performance, mechanical performance and other aspects of the Aluminum Alloy cable.

      In addition to the superior performance, the cost advantage also makes more and more people began to focus attention on the aluminum alloy cable. It is reported that the conductor as the main component of the power cable, in the low-voltage power cable accounted for the cost of raw materials 60%~70%. In March 5th, Shanghai aluminum spot market price of 14350 yuan / ton, only 56400 yuan / ton price of about 1/4, the advantage of Aluminum Alloy cable on cost significantly. In addition, in the same conductive performance, the weight of aluminum core cable only 50%~70% copper core cable, but also can reduce the cost of installation and transportation of the project.

      "At present already has the aluminum alloy cable production capacity of enterprises in the 10 or so, but in the construction of enterprises have dozens of." Shen Yinfu said.

      Urbanization to promote the development of the cable industry, aluminum alloy cable greatly improved

      Despite the rise in the country, but the cable in the United States, Canada and most of Europe and other regions have more than 40 years of application history. The United States and Canada have developed a cable product standards, the formation of a standardized production.

      "From two aspects of technical support and resource supply, the market urgently needs high performance aluminum alloy conductor cable to replace or supplement the existing conventional products, to meet the needs of China's electric power construction." Wu Changshun said.

      He pointed out that with the development of technology to improve power transmission and transmission line, Aluminum Alloy wire shows more and more advantages, in the long distance, large span, ultra high voltage transmission, exclusive advantage. At present, Western Europe, northern Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries has been widely used in the transmission line, the United States and France almost 80% more than the use Aluminum Alloy wire, Japan has reached more than 50%, usage of Southeast Asian countries in the year and the current application in China is less than 1%.

      In the "12th Five-Year" period, China's power industry will usher in a new upsurge in power grid construction. It is predicted that the next 5 years, the major urban power grid load will increase at a rate of more than 10% per year, the size of the power grid will be greatly increased.

      The wide development prospect of cable industry also provides opportunities and huge market space for aluminum alloy cable. "Aluminum Alloy as parallel conductor cable with copper core power cable supply market in the construction and renovation of city network can replace the copper core power cable, in addition, China's construction industry, metallurgy industry and chemical industry are facing the development and adjustment of the larger, the acceleration of urbanization, will also bring huge demand for wire and cable the. In these industries, aluminum alloy cable can also replace the copper core cable." Wu Changshun said.

      "To promote the construction of the town, the aluminum alloy cable is a greater business opportunities, the temperature difference between the central and western regions, large span, long distance, the cost advantage of aluminum alloy cable is very obvious." Shen Yinfu's application prospect of aluminum alloy cable is full of confidence.

      Calls for the introduction of aluminum alloy cable standard to promote the orderly development of aluminum alloy cable

      Wu Changshun said, because the human eye is not a pure aluminum cable and cable Aluminum Alloy difference, unscrupulous dealers may appear the phenomenon of fish, the introduction of relevant standards as soon as possible to.

      Wu Changshun said, at present, the country has begun to develop aluminum alloy wire and aluminum alloy electric cables of the relevant national standards and industry standards, is now in the approval stage.